We're a small, independently owned processor and retail butcher shop.

Farmstead Butcher Block is a local, family owned and operated retail butcher shop and USDA inspected processing facility in Central City, Muhlenberg county, Kentucky.  We are a Kentucky Proud retailer and processor. Our retail shop opened in June of 2021. We began cattle and hog processing in April of 2022. We are here because of recognition of a need for a local processing facility.

The major focus for Farmstead Butcher Block is to enable local producers to market their meat products by providing USDA federally inspected and custom processing services. Processed under USDA inspection, local producers have the ability to sell products anywhere in the USA. Many of those beef and pork cuts are sold in our retail shop and we know they're superior, wholesome products processed with no added gas, preservatives or shelf extending chemicals. Farmstead Butcher Block offers producers of freezer beef and pork custom processing for the opportunity to sell cattle and hogs to local customers and families. Freezer beef and pork we process is also free of any gas, preservatives or shelf extending chemicals. Our local relationships mean we’re committed to the communities in Muhlenberg and neighboring counties of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Through an established level of excellence it is our intention to provide a service and a product we would never hesitate to place on our table. We're here for our local communities and we continue to grow because of community support. Our focus will always remain on local farmers and consumers. Not only are you our customers, you're our friends and our neighbors. We value each and every one of you and cannot succeed without you. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about what we do at Farmstead Butcher Block, please contact us at 270-200-4224 or by email at .

Thank you for your business.




Retail Closed Monday
Tuesday-Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5:30
Saturday 9-3
3060 Cleaton Rd, Central City, KY 42330