Boneless Prime Rib


Easy to carve and still all the flavor! Boneless Prime rib is the ultimate in roast beef with everything to offer, and flavor, texture, and juiciness top the list. Salt and pepper seasoning is all that’s required, but we have many rubs and seasonings available for that extra kick. Remember, when cooking this large cut of meat will continue to cook after removed from the heat and will rise another 5 to 7 degrees in doneness. Boneless Prime Rib is $16.99 per pound. Deposit amount is half of the total and will show in your cart. Select roast size based on servings required.


Weekday and Saturday pick up requires minimum 24 hour advance order. Orders placed on weekends and holidays may be 48 hour minimum, depending on day ordered. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up.

Total: $67.96
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